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Thursday, November 2

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Friday, November 3

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220: Do you see what I see? Using Visuals to Teach Complex Math Thinking PSCC, Primrose CCathy Marks Krpan 221: Master Fractions: Deep Understanding and Real-Life Problem Solving PSCC, Mesquite DDonna Knoell 222: No Curriculum. No Materials. No Time. No BIG Deal. PSCC, Mesquite EShawn Goehring 223: Let's Talk about Fractions: Facilitating Structures for Language Learners PSCC, Smoke Tree DCharlene Jovel 244: Equitable Review Games Hilton, Plaza BCasey Campbell 260: DREAM: Diagnose and Recalibrate for Equitable Access in Math PSCC, Smoke Tree BKimberly Samaniego 261: What’s the Big Idea with Algebra? It's THINKING! PSCC, Smoke Tree EDan Shuster 262: Releasing Control: Movement in The Math Classroom Renaissance, CatalinaKyndall Brown • Amber Hardy-Soto 263: Who’s Doing the Thinking? Metacognition in Mathematics Renaissance, CactusJennifer Montgomery • Carizza Lopez 264: I (Don’t) Need a Hero Renaissance, Chino AAngela Reed • Shannon Hoos 265: Coding Data Applications in Math Class Renaissance, Pueblo AMichael Larson 266: Accelerate? Setting Up Your Students for Success in Algebra Renaissance, Pueblo BLaura Gabrielson • Christina Jordan 267: Developing Mathematical Understanding Through Re-Engagement Renaissance, San JacintoJessica Balli 268: Honoring Students’ Ideas: It All Started with Notice and Wonder Hilton, TapestryAnnie Fetter • Claire Verti 240: Devices? Vertical? Nonpermanent? What’s best for learning? Renaissance, Chino BKaren Wootton 241: Curiosity, Competence, & Connections: What Math is All About Hilton, Horizon IIMark Ellis 242: One Great Problem, Multiple Big Ideas Hilton, Oasis 2Mark Goldstein • Cynthia Raff 243: Rhombus Rhapsody: Orchestrating Diverse Math Strategies Hilton, Plaza ACole Sampson • Marylou Long 250: Teaching Big Mathematical Ideas Through Co-Teaching PSCC, Smoke Tree FJennifer Silva • Becky Hayden 251: Adding up the Data to Divide and Conquer Average Value Renaissance, Santa RosaRandi Munch Arvanitis • Jennifer Waters 252: Invigorating High School Mathematics Hilton, Palm CanyonEric Milou 253: Mathematics, A Second Language for ALL Students Hilton, Plaza CJanet Sutorius 753: Youcubed’s Explorations in Data Science: Maths For All PSCC, Smoke Tree CKristina Dance • Estelle Woodbury 280: Working Together: Reimagining PD for Teacher & Student Efficacy Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrTheodore Sagun • Joy Zimmerman 281: D.A.R.E. to Inspire Math Instruction Renaissance, VenturaPatricia Vandenberg • Dr. Derek Bub 201: Teaching for Mathematical Diversity PSCC, Primrose BJo Boaler 202: Comfort B4 Confidence Hilton, Horizon IDeborah Peart 270: CRP+ SMP=Equitable Access to Big and Bold Mathematical Ideas Renaissance, AndreasElizabeth Gamino • Tim Weekes 271: Standards Based Grading (SBG): Seven years of lessons Renaissance, SierraSean Nank 272: New framework: A guide to the curriculum selection process Hilton, Oasis 3MaryEllen Nicholson 273: Integrated ELD + Math - A Dream Come True! Hilton, Plaza DKelli Statham 210: Ditch the Pencils! Teaching Math in K-1 Grade, Minus the Worksheets PSCC, Mesquite GKathleen Jalalpour • Corrinne Lieu 211: Little Kids, Big Ideas: Grouping, Fair Sharing & Fractions in ECE PSCC, Mesquite HLeah Wolverton 212: Think and Learn Big Mathematical Ideas as You Play! PSCC, Smoke Tree ALana Hansen 230: Build a Fluency Routine for All Learners PSCC, Primrose DBrittany Goerig 231: Dare to Release Control and Let Your Kids Talk! PSCC, Mesquite AKimberly Kelly • Barbara Blanke 232: Land of Ten: Activities for Place Value Learning PSCC, Mesquite BSusan Kunze • Nancy Thornburg 233: Students with Disabilities: Problem Solving & Big Math Ideas PSCC, Mesquite CJoanna Hayman • Suzanne Huerta 234: Open Number Line – Transforming Discourse & Reasoning PSCC, Mesquite FAshley Serrin • Lindsay Aldo

1:30pm PDT

320: Dare to Put Place Value in its Proper Place with Math Games PSCC, Primrose CJohn Felling 321: Ready, Set, Go! Grades 3-5 Measurement & Data with a Wind-Up Toy Parade PSCC, Mesquite DHelen Chan • Michelle Sidwell 322: Using Data Science to Tell Stories in the Elementary Classroom PSCC, Mesquite EStephanie Holloway 323: Fractions...Let's Take a Deep Dive PSCC, Smoke Tree DKristin Hilty 302: Math Worth Falling In Love With! Hilton, Horizon IPeg Cagle 360: Math EduProtocols Rack and Stack PSCC, Smoke Tree BKristan Morales • Michelle Voye 361: Do We Have It Backwards? Teach Big to Small not Small to Big PSCC, Smoke Tree EDavid Mattoon • Cheyenne Roberts 362: Reaching & Teaching Those Post-COVID Kids Renaissance, CatalinaChris Shore 363: Rolling Different Dice: Connecting Probability and Algebra Renaissance, CactusBrian Hopkins 364: Productive Struggle in the Classroom. Why struggle? Why now? Now what? Renaissance, Chino ATricia Hart • Amanda Beeler 365: Mathematical Puzzles and Games Connecting to Big Ideas Renaissance, SierraJackie Murawska 366: Making Math Fun for Girls with Casio Hilton, Palm CanyonMichelle Sarmiento-Deary 367: How Operator Precedence *Really* Works Hilton, Plaza BSteven Abell 368: Using Assessments to Showcase Student Strengths Hilton, Plaza CSnehita Sana • Patrick Callahan 369: Centering a Math Curriculum on Financial Applications Hilton – TapestryJack Marley-Payne • Philip Dituri 340: A Fishy Way to Connect Sampling and Proportional Relationships PSCC, Smoke Tree FShelley Kriegler • Mark Goldstein 341: The Perfect Lunchbox: Design, Engineering & Intellectual Property Hilton, Oasis 2Rose Moe • Eric Moe 342: Learning from Misconceptions and Errors in Fractions Hilton, Plaza ALili Zhou • Lexi Hwang 350: Quadratic Storytelling: Thinking Inside the Square Renaissance, Chino BElliot Beck • Jennifer North-Morris 351: Teaching & Learning Investigative Thinking in Statistics Renaissance, Pueblo ADavid Wilcox • Daren Starnes 352: Knowing When to Say When: Intentional use of Technology Renaissance, Pueblo BMartin Joyce • Bob Rodinsky 353: MRWC: Closure as a Big Idea & Pedagogical Guiding Principle Renaissance, San JacintoWendy Marquez 354: Dare to Build a Solid Formed by Cross Sections Renaissance, Santa RosaKim Thomas • Veronica Carlson 381: What is Your Question? Create Positive Change By Asking the Right Questions Renaissance, VenturaKatey Arrington 301: M.C. Escher's Works: A "Rare Add Demo" in Symmetry PSCC, Primrose BDavid Masunaga 370: Elevating All Students' Engagement, Autonomy, and Voice in Math Class PSCC, Primrose AMike Flynn 371: Math Unplugged: Connecting Concepts to Context Renaissance, AndreasJohn Gaines • Sofia Velasco 372: Uplifting Students By Uplifting Mathematics Hilton, Horizon IISunil Singh 373: It's Not Last Year's Teachers Fault Hilton, Oasis 3Amanda Beeler • Patricia Vandenberg 374: Ramping Up with Mathematical Routines to Increase Student Achievement Hilton, Plaza DDJ West 310: Early Mathematics: A New Perspective on the Equity of Thinking PSCC, Mesquite GAndrea Kotowski 311: Bridging Counting and Problem Solving PSCC, Mesquite HKaren Recinos 312: Five Small Shifts To Address Common Errors in the K-2 Math Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree AJen Hunt 330: Leveraging Problem Posing to Redesign Mathematics Instruction PSCC, Primrose DKristin Gray • Ashley Powell 331: Family Engagement in the Elementary Math Classroom PSCC, Mesquite AYolande Beckles • Gabriela Mitchell 332: Dream, Plan & Do: Let Your Kids Write in Math Class! PSCC, Mesquite BBarbara Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 333: Supporting Engagement in a 30 Minute Math Intervention Block PSCC, Mesquite CAshley Marlow • Sandi Stanhope 334: DREAM of Collaborative Talk, DARE to Try, DO Promote Student Voice PSCC, Mesquite FTracy Sola 335: Partnering with Parents to Strengthen Math Education PSCC, Smoke Tree CCaline Khavarani Smith 380: “Let’s Ask a Kid”: Student Interviews as a Coaching Tool Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrNicora Placa

3:30pm PDT

420: From Dreaming to Doing: Discussion and Writing in a Mathematics Community PSCC, Mesquite BLorelei Coddington • Dr. Stacy Kula 421: Using Peer Feedback to Support EL Students' Understanding of Fractions PSCC, Mesquite DSuzanne Abdelrahim • Dr. Rachel Restani 422: The Textless Classroom PSCC, Mesquite EJason Holloway 423: The ABCs and 123s of CRA PSCC, Smoke Tree DTatiana Mirzaian • Cyndia Acker-Ramirez 460: Weapons of Math Instruction...APPSolutely! PSCC, Smoke Tree ASteve Morris 461: Students Taking Ownership of Their Learning PSCC, Smoke Tree EDana Brown 462: Inside My Thinking Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree FKristie Donavan 463: Arguing in Math Class Renaissance, CatalinaChris Luzniak 464: Make math education about learning using non-points based grades. Renaissance, CactusJoshua Bean 465: Start Your Engines! Use Motion to Explore Rates and Systems. Renaissance, Chino AAllan Bellman • Katie Martinez 466: Dare to Explain: Written and Spoken Formative Assessment Renaissance, Chino BSara Odioso 467: Coding for beginners with TI-84 to engage and inspire math learners! Renaissance, Santa RosaTania Lopez • Naomi Kokason 468: Asset-Based Assessments: Tools for Advocacy Not Judgement Renaissance, SierraPatrick Callahan 469: The Role of Revision in Math Class Hilton, Horizon IICourtney Ortega 440: Storylines that Inspire Meaningful Mathematical Connections PSCC, Primrose DMelisa Andino • Lauren Mottles 441: Journey to Trilandia: Exploring a Base-3 Number System Hilton, Oasis 2Shefali Nanavati 442: Volume & Lesson Study-Deep Learning for Teachers & Students Hilton, Palm CanyonJoan Commons 443: Engage & Explore! Access to Deep Math Understanding for All Hilton, Plaza BJessica Reyes • Lauren Mottles 744: Slay in the Middle School Classroom with Number Sense Routines PSCC, Smoke Tree BJanet Lee-Ortiz • Guadalupe Portillo 450: Teaching & Learning Big Statistical Ideas with Applets Renaissance, Pueblo ADaren Starnes 451: MRWC: Multiplication Across Grades - What’s the Big Idea? Renaissance, San JacintoLaura Wallace 452: The Hidden Impact of Grading on a Powerful Classroom Hilton, Plaza CSharona Krinsky • Robert Bosley 453: Big Mathematical and Pedagogical Ideas by Transforming Problems Hilton, TapestryArmando Martinez Cruz • Phil Turner 402: Daring Can Be Doable Hilton, Horizon IRosa Serratore 480: Coaching to Support Understanding & Content Access for All Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrMardi Gale 481: Be Curious, Not Judgmental Renaissance, VenturaAlison Williams 401: Small Humans, Big Math: Bridging preschool and elementary PSCC, Primrose BNick Johnson 470: Math Therapy: A Crash Course in Becoming a Math Therapist Renaissance, AndreasVanessa The Math Guru 471: Teaching Math to Students Who Have Given Up on Learning Renaissance, Pueblo BJordan Smith • Karin Lee Lee 472: Can I Take Your Ordering? Hilton, Oasis 3Adam Richardson 473: Culturally Responsive Teaching: Math Language Routines Connecting Big Ideas Hilton, Plaza AJennifer Lopez 474: Supporting English Learners in Mathematics Hilton, Plaza DLori Fury • Carrie Garbett 410: Shake Up Your Fact Fluency - Activities to DO Everyday! PSCC, Primrose CLori Triplett 411: Choral Counting, Number of the Day, and More...in Pre-K! PSCC, Mesquite GBecky Holden 412: Diversity in Early Numeracy PSCC, Mesquite HDanya Sanders-Hester • Karen Good 430: Making Math More Social PSCC, Primrose AZachary Champagne 431: Learning Big Ideas is Easy If We Dare to Integrate ELD &Math PSCC, Mesquite AAmy Wert • Katie Crosbie 432: Teaching Together to Center Student Voices and Identities PSCC, Mesquite CChristina Kimmerling • Patricia Fuentes Acevedo 433: They Think, Therefore They Can: Proportional Reasoning in Primary PSCC, Mesquite FAmber Tracy • Christopher Turner 435: Power up your Math Class: Think and Manipulate! PSCC, Smoke Tree CShelly Tos • Tara Borowicz
Saturday, November 4

8:30am PDT

520: Building Joyful Math Communities in Your Classroom and Beyond Hilton, Horizon IIDaniel Kline 521: Multilingual Students & the Dream of Math Content Language Hilton, Oasis 2Eftihia Triol 522: More Words, More Problems: Hilton, Oasis 3Rob Baier 501: “Dear math” - Working with students to design beautiful math class experiences PSCC, Primrose BSarah Strong 560: Examining What and How we Teach PSCC, Primrose CKevin Dykema 561: What’s essential? PSCC, Mesquite AKimberly Norman • Monica Bartolo Garcia 562: Enjoying Students’ Brilliance in “Misconceptions” with Graphs PSCC, Mesquite FHalil Tasova 563: Algebra for Everyone: Conceptual Strength Through Discovery PSCC, Mesquite HJosh Britton 564: An Intuitive Approach to Teaching Mathematics PSCC, Smoke Tree ARobert Vriesman 565: Supporting Teachers Leaders to Advocate for Systemic Change PSCC, Smoke Tree CAngela Torres • Estelle Woodbury 566: Pi-Day and TI-84 Technology Renaissance, CactusNaomi Fried-Kokason • Tania Lopez 567: Dare to Lead Students to Connect Geometric Concepts by Doing Renaissance, Pueblo BVicki Vierra 568: Family Engagement in the Secondary Math Classroom Renaissance, San JacintoAraceli Simeon • Melanie Janzen 569: How are 8th Graders Passing AP Calculus BC? Renaissance, Santa RosaChristopher Anderson 540: How to develop mathematical justification in students: Decide and Defend! PSCC, Primrose AAmy Lucenta • Grace Kelemanik 541: Is My Community a Heat Island? PSCC, Mesquite GIsai Lopez • Julian Rojas 542: Embrace the Evolution of Online Interactive OER w/ GeoGebra Renaissance, AndreasMonique Zhou 543: The Intersection of Middle School Math & Financial Literacy Renaissance, Chino AMaggie Cenan • Philip Dituri 544: Video in the Middle (VIM) - Free Online and Self Paced PD Renaissance, Chino BBrent Jackson 550: Navigating the Differences Between Pre-AP Algebra 2 and AP Precalculus PSCC, Primrose D 551: Let’s Get Physical… with Mathematics PSCC, Mesquite CCurtis Brown 552: We Dreamt, We Dared, We're Doing - Implementing a Thinking Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree EKaren Swing • Ramona Gomez 553: Data Science Math Activities from Al Gore’s Climate Project Renaissance, Pueblo ATom Reardon 580: Tools for PLCs that Lead to Equitable and Ambitious Teaching Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrJennifer Wilson • Liz Ramirez 581: More than A’s: Authentic Asian American Math Identities Renaissance, VenturaTheodore Chao • Naehee Kwun 570: Meeting the Needs of Migrant Students in Mathematics PSCC, Mesquite DRebecca Pariso 571: The Power in Struggle: Creating Equitable Access to Math PSCC, Mesquite ENigel Nisbet 572: Too Brave To Fail: Cultivating Positive Math Identities PSCC, Smoke Tree DTwana Young 573: From Collective Synergy to Individual Learning & Ownership PSCC, Smoke Tree FChristen Northrop • Tom Lewis 574: Building Trust: A Culture of Feedback and Vulnerability Renaissance, CatalinaMatt Vaudrey • Patricia Vandenberg 575: Unlocking Potential: National Board Certification in Mathematics Renaissance, SierraSandhya Raman 510: The CA Early Math Initiative - long-term success for our earliest learners Hilton, Plaza AJonathan Dueck 511: Turning Playful Conversations into Mathematical Problems Hilton, Plaza BLiz Franchi • Ann Carey 502: Your math book is only one peice of your math curriculum Hilton, Horizon ITherisa Cash 530: Students at the Center: Empowering all children for success in a Problem-Based Classroom PSCC, Mesquite BLei-Anna Bertelson 531: Counting Collections: Challenging Myths and Misconceptions PSCC, Smoke Tree BAngela Turrou • Nick Johnson 532: Supporting Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with IM K–5 Math™ Hilton, Palm CanyonLaToya Byrd 533: Learning Big Mathematical Ideas through Math Games & Play Hilton, Plaza CSonali Pillai • Daniel Shuster 534: Daring Teaching and Learning Systems to Humanize the Classroom and Content Hilton, Plaza DJody Guarino • John Drake 535: Making Math an Active Subject: Let's DO It! Hilton, TapestryKristen Acosta

10:30am PDT

620: #MoreThanADream: Dare to Teach w/a Diversity & Equity Lens Hilton, Horizon IIEdward Hermeno 621: Flip the Script on Small Group Instruction to Accelerate Learning Hilton, Oasis 2Sarah Noland • Dawn Caine 622: Building Fluency in Multiplication and Division Hilton, Oasis 3Pam Smith 660: Let’s sketch diagrams to solve word problems! PSCC, Primrose DFawn Nguyen 661: Big Ideas Come With Big Vertical Connections PSCC, Primrose CPaul Gray 662: Color outside the lines: A new Lab School model for Math PSCC, Mesquite AKierak Brodsky Chase • Staci Benak 663: Dream of Big Ideas By Mapping a Path to Success PSCC, Mesquite GCarol Treglio 664: Create your vision of a math class with what you’ve got! PSCC, Smoke Tree ABrittany Harper • Angela Torres 665: Dare Your Students to Dream Up Their Own Mathematical Ideas PSCC, Smoke Tree CAnne Marie Almaraz • Melody Morris 666: How to Do Less Work AND Get Better Results: Try Using the AFTL Method Renaissance, CatalinaIvan Cheng 667: Math with Bad Words (and Phrases) Renaissance, Chino BDaniel Ilaria 640: Chatter that Matters: Developing an active math community where students thrive PSCC, Mesquite BLisa Matthews 641: Cognitively demanding tasks? No problem! PSCC, Primrose AGrace Kelemanik • Amy Lucenta 642: I Triple Dog Dare You to Build a Thinking Classroom PSCC, Mesquite HSarah Suggs 643: Concept before Content: Understanding Big Ideas Using Prior Knowledge Renaissance, AndreasNancy Butler Wolf 644: Ingenious Influencers Like Me: Centering Student Voices Renaissance, SierraMegan Brunner • Melynee Naegele 601: Mathematics as an art PSCC, Primrose BGreisy Winicki Landman 650: Humanizing Assessment: Partnering with Students Through a Portfolio Model PSCC, Smoke Tree EVanessa Cerrahoglu • Amber Walker 651: Posing and Solving Problems about Consecutive Integers Renaissance, CactusJose Contreras • Armando Martinez Cruz 652: A Structure Where Students Thrive Renaissance, Chino ATravis Lemon 653: Are you interested in bringing a Data Science course to your high school??? Renaissance, Pueblo AMegan Crim 654: Content Connections, Drivers of Investigation & MPs Renaissance, San JacintoJoanne Becker 655: Integration Integration in a Student-Centered Thinking Classroom is Integral Renaissance, Santa RosaBrian Shay 656: Let High School Students Play With Toys PSCC, Mesquite DYetta Allen 680: Leading Equitable Mathematics Teaching Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrLiz Ramirez • Jennifer Wilson 681: 4 Steps for Overcoming Teacher Burnout Renaissance, VenturaChase Orton 670: Open Questions, Opens Minds PSCC, Mesquite CKurt Whited 672: Three Steps to Build Number Sense in All Students PSCC, Mesquite EIvan Alba 673: Problem Solved with Problem Based Learning PSCC, Mesquite FErin Delgado 674: Asking the Right Math Questions to Encourage Deeper Learning PSCC, Smoke Tree FBrandon Smith 675: Moving beyond the mundane: Teaching math to address inequity Renaissance, Pueblo BGina Agius • Jess Jensen 610: King Maximo and the Number Knights - The Quest for the 'Greatest Number' Hilton, Plaza AHoward Schrager 611: When a third is a half…brilliance, joy & amazing ideas! Hilton, Plaza BStefanie Mathewson 602: The Big 4! A Comprehensive Daily Math Block for Elementary Engagement Hilton, Horizon IBecca Dietor 630: The Incredible Abilities of Students with Disabilities PSCC, Smoke Tree BSuzanne Huerta • Stephanie Williamson 631: Math Fluency: More Than Just Memorization PSCC, Smoke Tree DJamie Garner 633: Fostering Belonging in the Math Classroom Hilton, Plaza CDani Shapiro • Niole Roady 634: Using Literature to Extend Math Concepts and Engage in Math Tasks Hilton, Plaza DZenaida Gallardo • Alisa Hamilton 635: Small Steps, Big Dreams Hilton, TapestryNoelle Kreider • Patti FitzSimmons

1:15pm PDT

720: Math for Environmental Justice: Water is Our Right & Our Responsibility Renaissance, Pueblo BCarolee Hurtado 761: Authentic Problem Solving Through Model-Eliciting Activities PSCC, Mesquite FDalton Marsh • Steve Balady 762: Bring out the “M” in STEM: Ensuring Learning and Fun Collide PSCC, Mesquite GTexas Instruments 763: Dare to Dig Deeper – Developing a Conceptual Understanding of Slope PSCC, Mesquite HBetty Gasque • Judy Hicks 764: Factoring Activities to Promote Growth in the Math Practices PSCC, Smoke Tree CNolan Fossum 765: Be Curious, Not Judgmental PSCC, Smoke Tree ERaj Shah 766: Mapping with Mathematics Renaissance, Pueblo ANaehee Kwun • Kyndall Brown 767: Making math notes fun Renaissance, Santa RosaJennifer Chiu 768: Using Small Groups in the Secondary Math Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree DChristina Rubalcava • Stacie Doss 740: Cultivating Class Culture Rooted in Student Voice & Thought PSCC, Mesquite BCecilio Dimas 741: Math Conversations: Empowering Student Thinking and Participation PSCC, Mesquite EKatie Salguero • José Franco 750: Mathematics in Project Based Learning (PBL) PSCC, Mesquite ATaya Chase 751: Inchoate to Choate: Formatively Assessing Big Ideas in High School PSCC, Smoke Tree FLybrya Kebreab • Tiffanie Diaz 780: Daring to Lead Conversations About Data Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrCorey Taylor 781: Math Leaders Building Thinking Classrooms Renaissance, VenturaTraci Jackson 701: Math is Emotional: How Big Dreams lead to Big Ideas in Math PSCC, Primrose BLybroan James 770: Making Sense of Modeling. PSCC, Primrose DSarah Galasso 771: Four Steps To Fix Math Education PSCC, Primrose ARobert Kaplinsky 772: A Vision of the IM Classroom PSCC, Primrose CBill McCallum 773: The Productive Struggle Is Real: Dare Students To Do The Thinking PSCC, Mesquite DRachel Veloz 774: Dream of Zen, Dare to Rehumanize, Do Math: Math & Mindfulness Renaissance, CatalinaChristina Lincoln-Moore 710: The Brilliance of Preschoolers Invented Counting Sequences Renaissance, Chino BBrandon McMillan • Dr. Nick Johnson 730: Game On for Math Equity: Engaging and Inclusive Differentiated Math Games! PSCC, Smoke Tree ALacey Flippen 731: Diving into Building Thinking Classrooms for Elementary PSCC, Smoke Tree BNgocThy Dinh • Traci Jackson 732: Teaching for Thought: Small Moves, Big Impact Renaissance, AndreasTara Borowicz • Shelly Tos 733: Generative Assessment Practices - Working Towards Equity Renaissance, CactusJanene Ward • Maria Di Meglio 734: STEAM+C: Daring to learn and teach Math concepts with Computer Science Renaissance, Chino ASaul Duarte • Carly Farah 735: Playing for Success: Using Games to Practice and Master Math Skills Renaissance, SierraCassandra Turner 736: Building Mathematical Thinkers through Discourse and Problem-Solving PSCC, Mesquite CPatrick Vennebushneeds

3:15pm PDT

820: Fun with Fractions Renaissance, Pueblo BTaik Kim 821: Why You Should Use Educational Math Games In Your Classroom! Renaissance, San JacintoDoug Maynard 822: Building Students' Mathematical Identity Through Math Language Routines Renaissance, Santa RosaStacie Doss • Christina Rubalcava 861: Supporting Students to Productively Struggle PSCC, Mesquite FMicheal Marsh 862: Data Talks and Social Justice - Routines to Promote Equity and Discourse PSCC, Mesquite GJoe Condon 863: Coaching Teachers through the Process of Creating Connections for ALL PSCC, Smoke Tree ACassie Hohne • Kristin Runyon 864: A Universal Design for Learning Environment with Desmos Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree COscar Perales 865: Dare to Decrypt your Math Dreams with Discrete Math and CS PSCC, Smoke Tree DHunter Alzate 866: A Values-Centered Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree EAnne Schwartz • Chris Luzniak 840: Zombies, Brains, & Hopping Trains: Engaging Skills Practice PSCC, Primrose CBrad Fulton • Bernard Guglberger 841: Use Your Tech. Don’t Let Your Tech Use You. PSCC, Primrose DDan Meyer 842: Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding PSCC, Mesquite BSusan Hoffmier 843: What’s the Big Idea? PSCC, Mesquite EKatie Laskasky • Cyndia Acker-Ramirez 844: Turn and Talk in Secondary: Math Labs as a Structure to Dream, Dare, Do Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrJoy Zimmerman • Theodore Sagun 830: Let’s Get Students Talking with Instructional Routines PSCC, Smoke Tree BVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 850: Learning about Logarithms through Experimentation & Play PSCC, Mesquite APhilip Dituri • Jack Marley-Payne 851: Math Talks for Agency, Identity and Ownership PSCC, Mesquite HTimothy Weekes 852: Tricking Students into Thinking Deeper PSCC, Smoke Tree FOlga Koroleva 881: Seeing Strengths: A Framework for Math Professional Learning Renaissance, VenturaAndrea Barraugh • Jessica Walsh 801: Building thinking Classrooms: The Little Things that Matter PSCC, Primrose BPeter Liljedahl 870: Design for Diversity: Address Inequities through Creative Problem Solving PSCC, Primrose AEd Campos • Sandhya Raman 871: From Remediation to Accelerating Learning PSCC, Mesquite DAmanda Shelley 810: Empowering ALL Students to Dream, Dare, Do through Rich Problem-Solving Renaissance, Chino BAndrea Wood • Denise McDowell 811: First-graders CAN do Algebra! Renaissance, Pueblo ACatherine Bradshaw 831: Imagine the Possibilities: Conjecture Justification Renaissance, CatalinaLeslie Whitaker • Jen Austin 832: Make Math Intervention Worth the Time Renaissance, AndreasJeffrey Linder 833: All Access Pass to Meaningful Math Renaissance, CactusJenna Harden 834: How to use visual math routines to explore big math ideas Renaissance, Chino AWhitney Ebert • Tiana David 835: Dare, Dream, Play! Low floor, high ceiling games for equity and access Renaissance, SierraNicky Martin

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